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A voice in the wilderness
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The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Davis Clipper.


Chairman of The Lighted Candle Society

Recently a discouraged and heartsick friend asked me “. . . when will it all end.  How much longer will we have to endure the constant assault of graphic sexual material in our lives and in the lives of our children?”  Some recent events, most of which the general public would not have recognized for what they really are, have given me a specific and definitive answer to that question.

In 1964 I was a young attorney in Glendale, Calif.  A Los Angeles County law enforcement officer recruited my assistance in gathering evidence against a distributor of pornography.  That rather obscure beginning has taken me into every legislative and judicial venue from the local city council to the Congress of the United States, and from the courtroom of the local Justice of the Peace to the Supreme Court of the United States.

In that 50-year period I have seen the content of public obscenity evolve from the nudity that in 1964 was considered unlawful pornography to a society that is now obsessed with sex from kindergarten to the grave.

How did all of this come about?  How did we come to have a culture that has abandoned religion for humanistic secularism, that idolizes entertainers who vie for front page publicity by parading their “ally cat” sexual escapades, where law and public policy mandate abortions for teenagers without parental knowledge or consent, where churches must discontinue world-wide adoption services because they will not consent to have “same sex” couples take custody of a helpless child, and where even so called “news sources” are filled with explicit sexual content?

It has all come about because of a huge secret combination composed of the financial, entertainment, and media dynasties who have sustained and promoted the anti-family, anti-religious philosophies of the feminists, the courts, the liberal politicians, and of course, the pornographers themselves.

I have come to recognize the strategy that is utilized by this secret combination in order to obtain public acceptance of vices noted in the words of Alexander Pope “Йthat to be hated was but to be seen, but seen too much we have become familiar with her face, and at first endure, then pity, and then embrace.”  

Here is how that strategy works:

First: the entertainment and news media begin a process of creating stories and reports that are sympathetic to the new extreme that they wish us to embrace.

Second: bogus “volunteer” citizen groups appear whose message and purpose is to appeal for “kindness” and “tolerance” toward those who advocate and practice the previously abhorrent vice.

Third: in the legislative bodies, from the local city councils to the state legislatures and the national congress, legislation is introduced to eliminate the prohibitions and sanctions that have been in the law regarding the offensive conduct.

Various “experts” are brought forth to assert that the abhorrent behavior is in reality a “normal” response to present day social environmental factors.

I have seen this strategy used to create the homosexual/lesbian cabal that now exists throughout our society; the denigration of the role of the father as the protector of the home and its moral environment; the overwhelming wave of support for the “same sex marriage” conspiracy; the federal funding and mandating of “sex education” in the public schools; the discovery of previously unknown “Constitutional Rights” by the tortuous twisting of phrases in the Constitution that were never intended to be given such interpretation; the public acceptance of reports in all of the media of sexually explicit conduct and language; the right of any woman married or otherwise to have the fetus in her womb murdered by abortion; the right of an underage girl to receive contraceptive devices and counseling without the knowledge or consent of her parents; extreme violence with graphic sexual conduct is now mindlessly allowed in the “games” contained in the various electronic devices parents give to children;  the gradual erosion of the right of the churches to “freedom of religion” as contained in the Bill of Rights, etc.  The list could go on much longer but the point has been confirmed.

So what is the object of their current strategy?  Before I answer that question let me give you some examples of their current strategy:

The American Psychological Association is actively working toward changing the medical and legal definition of pedophilia (having sex with children) to one of being a “disorder” or merely a chosen “sexual interest” instead of an addiction.

A supposed “volunteer” organization by the name of “Mothers Against Minimum Sentencing” is now actively lobbying the Congress and state legislatures to amend or repeal the present minimum sentencing for many sex crimes including that of pedophilia.

Children in the nude are appearing with increasing frequency in the mainstream printed and electronic media.

The fraudulent and totally repudiated assertions of Alfred Kinsey that children have sexual “needs” and can experience “orgasms” is still being used in the courts and in the media to defend individuals guilty of incestuous sexual abuse of children.

This time the objective of this conspiracy by the secret combination noted above is to validate as “normal” and “acceptable” the ultimate obscenity:  unrestricted sex with children.

The efforts to do away with all of the legal and moral restrictions protecting children from the evils of “the abomination of desolation” are well under way.  Most people do not as yet see them and my prediction is one more example of my experiences during the last 50 years of being called an extremist when mine was a “voice in the wilderness.”

Dear friends, believe me.  I have seen this pattern many times before and I see it now.

So what must we do?

We must continue to fight for the safety of our children in every sphere of the battle; in the schools, in the courts, in the legislative chambers, and in the public domain.  To paraphrase Winston Churchill, we must continue to fight even if victory seems hopeless because to surrender would be worse than death.  

And again quoting Churchill, we must never, never, never give up.

We must build an impenetrable wall around our homes.  Parents need to be more diligent, more resolute, in their advocacy of and defense of purity and virtue.  The subtle ease with which the dark side is seeking to destroy all of our children is not just a matter of passive concern, it is literally a matter of eternal life or death.  

Copyright: The Lighted Candle Society 

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