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Cyclops: Faculty room controversy height of silliness
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Clipper Columnist

The opinions stated in this article are solely those of the author and not of The Davis Clipper.

t’s time once again to nominate a person for the Cyclops Dumb Quote of the Year Award. In conjunction with the quotation, it’s also time to create a new category for silliness: the Cyclops Make a Mountain Out of a Molehill Award.

Both stem from a vicious crime in Davis County, the spotting of a handful of campaign signs inside the faculty room of a Bountiful elementary school. Gird your loins to hear of the horror.

The Ogden daily newspaper reported that campaign signs for three candidates running for the Davis County School Board were “standing upright in the Adelaide Elementary faculty room.”  The newspaper published a photo of the mayhem.

Admittedly, the campaign signs were “standing upright”.  They weren’t blaring out campaign speeches. They weren’t handing out literature.  They weren’t lighting a match to the U.S. Constitution. No, the signs were just “standing upright”, minding their own business.  Teachers could take one and plunk it in their front yard or could grab a pair of scissors and shred the sign into a recyclable pulp.

Both options became unlikely because within 45 minutes of being notified, district officials acted swiftly to end the carnage. The signs were forcibly removed.

OK, technically the signs should not have been placed anywhere within 18 miles (I made that up!) of a school. But realistically, did anybody get hurt? The faculty room is off limits to students and parents; it’s not associated with a public forum. It may be against the technical statute, but can anyone explain to me the damage that could come from a bunch of Romney-Ryan or Obama-Biden campaign signs placed in a private faculty room for the optional use by teachers in their own front yards?

The silence is deafening! And that’s where the Dumb Quote nomination rears its ugly head. One of the school board candidates said, “It’s wonderful they’re gone, even though I suppose the damage is already done.”

What damage? The teachers at Adelaide Elementary know that the Davis Education Association is recommending a certain candidate; one the DEA believes most forcefully supports classroom teachers. The only difference is that a teacher could pick up a campaign sign from the faculty room instead of requesting one be delivered by the DEA staff. No teacher is threatened if they didn’t grab a sign; in fact, there’s no indication that any teachers at Adelaide Elementary even carted a sign to their cars.

We have become too thin-skinned. During my sophomore year in high school, I wore a Barry Goldwater for President button to my English class. My teacher Р another criminal like those at Adelaide Р had a Lyndon Johnson button pinned to his lapel.

He joked to the class about our differing leanings. “It’s important,” he said, “to read up on the candidates and make a decision on whom to support. You shouldn’t support a candidate because I support him, but I’m passionate about my choice and you should be passionate about your choice as well.”  We had a great classroom discussion.

Today that teacher would be sent to the stockade. And that’s sad! It’s also sad that a handful of lawn signs in a faculty room became frontpage news.

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October 22, 2012
Posting names and pictures in public places is marketing. If marketing didn't work, companies wouldn't dump millions into its efforts.

Regarding the DEA endorsement; does this render all other candidates moot? If so, when was voter sovereignty transferred to the bureaucratic organization that oversees the sought-for positions? The DEA does not speak for the people.

The posting of select candidates is an exertion of power and influence on behalf of those candidates. Even the author of the article slips in his opinion when he states these candidates are fighting for the teacher. If the tables were turned, it is reasonable to assume that the pen would have written a different piece.

To the point of the article's faux reasoning regarding the "silliness of others' opinions" and the implicit shame directed their way, Saul Alinsky and Machiavelli would most certainly approve of such tactics.
October 21, 2012
Your flip comments about a serious campaign violation is why many of us do not trust the status quo in the school boards. Special interests have hijacked these supposedly non-partison board positions and these folks do not have the students best interest at heart. I can only imagine the outrage if someone supporting a non-incumbant would have done the same thing.
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