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Mandated health care coverage pays for abortifacients
by JENNIFER AUSTIN | Clipper Editor
Feb 16, 2012 | 2529 views | 1 1 comments | 133 133 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Preventative services have always been a good way to keep health care costs low. But when I read that The Department of Health and Human Services considers abortion-inducing drugs as part of those preventative services, I was a little more than angry.

As part of Obamacare, a new mandate requires health insurance plans to cover sterilizations, contraceptives and abortifacients and essentially make it free to the insured. Many are angry that this is an unconstitutional mandate, and many are angry over the assault on basic religious freedoms.

I personally still cannot understand how the murder of a child is disguised as “women’s choice.” For me, this isn’t about politics or religion; it’s about life. This is about the life of an innocent child that is being thrown into a health insurance mandate as if it means nothing.

When the Morning After Pill first came out, I researched whether the drug prevented pregnancy or caused an early abortion. At the time, I read that it can take up to 48-72 hours to become pregnant. If you took the Morning After Pill the next day, it might work. Three days later, it might not, but it didn't cause someone to abort the pregnancy very often. Therefore, it was not a to be used to abort a child.

Now a new drug, included in the new mandate, ellaOne, has been released as contraception. However, the studies done on this drug show that it causes miscarriages, according to Life Issues Institute, and is toxic to embryos. The Washington Post wrote an article stating it is possible that ellaOne could induce an abortion by making the womb inhospitable to an embryo.

ellaOne works for up to five days after unprotected sex. I’m not a doctor, but according to Discovery Health and WebMD, sperm can reach the fallopian tube within 30 minutes. Conception can occur up to five days after sex, but you could be pregnant by then.

Women who have been raped or are a victim of incest need somewhere to turn for help, but politicians and pharmaceutical companies have used that to make it convenient for those who just didn’t bother to practice safe sex.

There is another alternative for that: adoption.
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March 08, 2013
Ohhhh where do I start with this?

Besides the fact that this article is poorly written, it's also riddled with misinformation.

Where is the scientific evidence showing that an embryo is a "child"? A fertilized egg does not, and will never, have the same constitutional rights as an actual child (aka a born person).

A grown woman, however, DOES have constitutional rights. Also human rights. The right to control her reproduction, including the number and timing of her births, and therefore her personal and economic fate. The FDA DOES NOT classify EllaOne as an abortifacient. The author is clearly lying about that. Hey Jen, check WebMD, since you think that's a reliable enough source to cite it.

Even if it were an abortifacient, which it is not, the government has no right to force women to give birth. And I find it distasteful and hypocritical to insinuate that it's ok to "abort" a rape embryo, but not an embryo conceived under consentual terms. Is a rape baby not a baby?

This isn't about "life" at all... it's about punishing women who fail to live up to your moral code. It's about punishing women for being sluts by forcing them to carry a pregnany they don't want. Those who oppose contraception based on religious reasons are forcing their religiosity upon others by withholding the means by which women gain access to a better life and a better financial situation: through planned motherhood.

Shame on you, Jennifer, for spreading lies. You are no journalist. You are a misogynist who is pushing a patriarchal agenda designed to limit women's freedom. If you don't like abortion, I have a suggestion for you: don't have one! But for those women who are desperate to end an unintended pregancy, by limiting or eliminating their means to safe and legal contraception and/or abortion, you are encouraging the only alternative: illegal abortions. Coathanger abortions. The kind of procedures that killed thousands of women prior to the passage of Roe vs. Wade.

Shame on you.
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